Hair Toppers, also known as Toupee's or Hair Piece's, are clip on pieces used to cover the top of one's head adding instant volume and coverage to the top of the head.

Toppers are normally used at the beginning or middle stages of hair loss to cover either the front, top or crown area as they do not provide full coverage.

Toppers come in many different sizes thus, If you are interested in a topper, it is important that the area of hair loss is measured prior to submitting an order to ensure that the correct topper size is requested. Toppers are an extension of your natural hair so it is important that you choose the correct color and density (Hair Strand Thickness).

We offer a variety of topper options to choose from. Ventilated, Wefted, Full Hand Tied & Monofilament. Additionally, our toppers come in multiple sizes to suit different areas of hair loss. A few examples are 3"x5" mini toppers, 5.5"x5.5" and 6"x6" toppers.

Monofilament Lace Toppers- A Monofilament lace topper refers to the type of lace that is on the topper. A thin, sheer material which provides breathability and a seamless blend into the skin. 

Silk Base Wefted Toppers- A Silk Base topper refers to the type of lace that is on the topper. This type of topper looks like realistic scalp.

Full Hand Tied- A Full Hand Tied topper refers to a hand knotting technique used to tie each individual hair strand into the cap. This type of topper will be offer maximum comfort and a realistic look. 

Wefted- A Wefted topper refers to the machine sewing technique used to sew wefts to the back of the topper. Wefted toppers will always be sold as a 1/2 and 1/2 topper. This means that one must choose either monofilament or silk base lace for top part of the topper which shall lay flat against the hair line.

Ventilated-A Ventilated topper refers to the base of the topper. This is the most unique topper their is! This toppers base is created with net like material so that our cosmetologist can weave your natural hair throughout the topper for the most sleepless and natural looking partial hair replacement system. Like the wefted topper, you must choose the front lace for the topper; wether that be monofilament lace, basic transparent lace or silk base. 

To conclude, hair toppers are very easy hair replacement systems often used by men and women who are experiencing early to intermediate hair loss. We offer a variety of hair toppers and encourage you to schedule your consultation while requesting a quote so that we can assist you in choosing the best hair topper for you hair loss. 

At Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs, we require clients to have a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis specialist prior to purchase. Our goal is to provide each client with a hair replacement system that is best suitable for their needs. Once you have completed the consultation appointment request you will receive consent and price quote forms via email. These forms must be filled out prior to our consultation.