Silk Base Prosthesis

Silk base prosthesis are medical hair replacement systems that provide proportional coverage. Silk base prosthesis are often worn by men as toupees or toppers. They are also worn as the lace attachment piece or "Parting space" on a wefted or hand tied prosthesis as shown in the picture above.

Silk base prosthesis are created with silk material on the top of a soft lace. The silk material gives a realistic scalp feature to any of our prosthesis. The hair on a silk base prosthesis is hand knotted below the silk allowing the knots of the hair to be concealed between the layers of silk. This method gives the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp and also removes the need to bleach the knots on the lace.

Silk base prosthesis provide breath-ability, softness and comfort to your chosen prosthesis. We recommend a silk base prosthesis if you are seeking for a male inspired look or want a realistic scalp look at the parting space of your prosthesis.

At Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs, we require clients to have a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis specialist prior to purchase. Our goal is to provide each client with a hair replacement system that is best suitable for their needs. Once you have completed the consultation appointment request you will receive consent and price quote forms via email. These forms must be filled out prior to our consultation.