Monofilament Prosthesis

Monofilament prosthesis are full medical hair replacement systems that cover the entire head like a wig. Monofilament prosthesis are created using a sheer polyester or nylon mesh like material to help the color of the skin show through creating a more natural looking, undetectable wig. The monofilament wig material is located either on the top of the cap or throughout the entire cap if it is a monofilament hand tied wig. The monofilament material is breathable and comfortable. We recommend our monofilament prosthesis to those in all stages of hair loss. 

Monofilament Toppers- A Monofilament lace topper refers to the type of lace that is on the topper. A thin, sheer material which provides breath-ability and a seamless blend into the skin. Topper can either be full monofilament or half monofilament half tied, wefted or ventilated.

Double Monofilament Prosthesis- A Double Monofilament prosthesis is created with two layers of sheer/ nylon material for more comfort. This also gives and extra layer of protection so that the knots of the hair are not sitting on the skin.

At Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs, we require clients to have a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis specialist prior to purchase. Our goal is to provide each client with a hair replacement system that is best suitable for their needs. Once you have completed the consultation appointment request you will receive consent and price quote forms via email. These forms must be filled out prior to our consultation.