Hand Tied Prosthesis

Hand Tied prosthesis are full medical hair replacement systems that cover the entire head like a wig. Hand Tied prosthesis are normally used from the middle to end stages of hair loss with a concentration on medical baldness.

Each hair strand is individually knotted onto the surface of a soft mesh cap using a Hand-knotting technique. With each hair strand knotted into the cap the hair strands are able to move freely and naturally, assimilating the look, feel and movement of natural hair. Full hand tied prosthesis provide softness against the skin, combating itchiness and creating a lightweight, luxury prosthesis. 

We offer Full Hand Tied prosthesis, Half Hand Tied and Partially Hand Tied. The hand knotting technique used can take one person up to 40 consecutive hours to complete just one wig. With this, hand tied wigs are costly and production time is lengthy. Non the less, we offer 3 types to reduce cost and production for your convenience. 

Full Hand Tied Prosthesis- A fully Hand Tied Prosthesis is going to have nothing other than a mesh cap and hair strands which have been knotted onto the cap. 

Half Hand Tied Prosthesis- A half hand Tied Prosthesis is going to be half hand tied in the front and be wefted in the back. This means your prosthesis will have to different methods on one cap. This choice is cost efficient but still gives the natural comfort in the area that matters most! The front and top of the head. 

Partially Hand Tied Prosthesis- A partially hand tied wig will have 3 compartments; Front lace, Hand Tied middle and Wefted back. This will ensure that one is still receiving the softness and flexibility in the top of the head while saving money and time.

To conclude, Hand tied prosthesis are going to give the most comfort and natural look. If you are on a budget or a time constraint we offer 3 type of hand tied options for your convenience. 

At Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs, we require clients to have a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis specialist prior to purchase. Our goal is to provide each client with a hair replacement system that is best suitable for their needs. Once you have completed the consultation appointment request you will receive consent and price quote forms via email. These forms must be filled out prior to our consultation.