How Do I Place An Order?

    At Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs, we require clients to have a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis specialist prior to purchase. Our goal is to provide each client with a hair replacement system that is best suitable for their needs. Once you have completed the consultation appointment request you will receive consent and price quote forms via email. These forms must be filled out prior to our consultation.

      Is There Funding For My Cranial Prosthesis or Medical Grade Topper?

        Absolutely! If you are experiencing hair loss whether temporary or permanent your health care provider can write a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis". Unfortunately, not many people know this, but needing a wig due to hair loss caused by alopecia, chemotherapy, or other medical conditions, is covered by many insurances. Typically, medical insurances cover 80%-100% total costs.

        How Do I Qualify For A Cranial Prosthesis Covered Under Insurance? 

        Get a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis” from your doctor. If you have never been officially diagnosed with "Medical Hair Loss", please see a dermatologist for a diagnosis and a prescription. Make sure to use the correct terminology required by your health insurance provider and include procedure code "A9282". It’s important that the prescription does not say “wig”. Because a wig is considered a fashion item, it is not medically necessary. The procedure code/number on your cranial prosthesis prescription must be used to submit your insurance claim.

          How Do I Know If My Insurance Will Cover My Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wigs?

          Contact the benefits department for your health insurance and ask:

          Does your policy cover a cranial prosthesis?
          If it does, what type of prosthesis is covered (I.e. human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, etc.)
          How much of the cost do they cover?
          What specific terminology for a wig should the prescription contain?
          Is there required documentation they need to submit your claim? What is it?
          Note: When reviewing your insurance policy and you don’t see cranial prosthesis listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have coverage. We strongly recommend that you call your health insurance company and get pre-authorization.

          What Is The Difference In Cranial Prosthesis and Traditional Wigs?

          Cranial Prosthesis are created with materials such as monofilament, silicon, and silk. Cranial prosthesis can be created with to fit the exact measurements of the clients head and the cranial prosthesis cap are created with soft flaps and mesh material for maximum comfort. Traditional wigs have standard lace with a standard cap. Traditional cap sizes are offered in small, medium and large only. Cranial prosthesis are created specifically with those who may be experiencing hair loss in mind.

          Why Do I Need a Cranial Prosthesis?

          If you are experiencing medical hair loss, a cranial prosthesis can greatly improve your journey through hair loss. A cranial prothesis may improve confidence and affect your ability to to show up in the world as your best self.


          How Long Will It Take To Receive My Prosthesis?

          Cranial prosthesis production can take up to 90 days depending on the selected prosthesis. We recommend that you request and appointment for a consultation. After your consultation we can give you a more accurate production time.