About Us

Koree J's Boutique was founded in 2017 on the campus on Bethune Cookman University by myself, Koree J. Walton. It is now 2022 and I have yet to share my story with all. The time is now.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to own a business is the beauty. I thought I wanted to be a make up artist but I also knew I wanted to help people. Around the age of 15 I began exploring makeup and hair. My mom and few cousins used to allow me sew there hair in for my practice and their hairstyles. I remember doing sew-ins dying bundles and even doing single braid by the age of 16. It was around then that I began practicing make up on myself, my mom and a close friend.

I began working at Wendy's at 14 but once I got to high school my main focus was work and school. I worked at Walgreens off of Broadway and Lyndale in Minneapolis, MN. I love working at Walgreens because my main position was in the cosmetic department which meant I could help women feel beautiful all day long by tending to their health and beauty needs. Around 17 I was let go from walgreens for a stupid mistake. About 10 months later my mother moved to North Carolina while I stayed in Minnesota to finish high school at my fathers before joining my mother in NC. Upon graduating and moving to North Carolina I began cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell but boy did that only last for a week.

By my second week in North Carolina I was anxious to move back home to Minnesota with my "Friends & Family". I was very unhappy in my new state and decided to move back home with my dad leaving my one TRUE friend behind.

When I moved back to Minnesota I enrolled in Mankato State University College where I party and roomed with my childhood friend from Minneapolis. Long story short, my in ability to have discernment and wise judgment let me into lots of trouble in my youth and especially as a freshman in college in Mankato. Fortunately for me there was one day that changed my life.

During freshman year homecoming we decided to join the festivities. The first incident that happened was a underage drinking and driving incident that almost landed me in jail or with a DUI. The second incident was a physical altercation where I was jumped by multiple large girls who pulled all of my hair out until my edges were completely bald.

After this incident my mother gave me no choice but to move with her and straighten myself out. In December of 2015, at 18 years old, I moved home with my mom in a one bedroom apartment. I was super insecure about my hair and of course I didn't want to be in North Carolina. In addition to this, the women who assaulted me pressed charges against me, leaving me to fight to clear my name from the chaos and avoid assault charges. My so called friends who were at the scene of the incident refused to testify on behalf which I felt left me with no hop. For a second, I thought my life was over. What if i go to jail? If pub lix denied me during the process of sentencing where will I work if I am actually charged with assault? These thoughts played in my head over and over.

My mother has always been big on appearance and she was no rookie at fixing my hair issues. In fact, I remember being young and my mom would sit for hours and scrape fungus from my scalp. We never found out why it happened but I suffered from excess fungus and dandruff in my scalp which would make the edges of scalp turn white and my hair shed from the follicles. I remember going to school and being so embarrassed of my hair that I was cry. I remember the pain in my head being so bad that I would suffer from headaches and sore scalp. With this, my mother cut my hair as low as she could wit scissors and put a texture in my hair to restore the texture from the shaft. This made me feel a smidge more confident because my small hair curled but the edges of my head where still completely bald.

I had to do something to help myself so I put myself to the task of making a wig.